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Our service

Enter a new market


If you are a start up or new technology vendor  with no local presence, we help to launch you and build your customer footprint, establish your brand and leadership position and generate real revenue and local relationships.

Accelerate your business

If you are semi-established through a mix of indirect channels with a single local salesman, we offer you an experienced sales force to work with your team, engage customers directly and through different channels und thus help grow your business without any capex or investment in people and facilities from your side.

Grow your revenue


We enhance your team and support you to boost your revenue. Our team  also supports you in reducing your  operational costs of both people and facilities without impacting your revenue and position!

Drive diversity


We offer targeted sales support to drive revenue in a specific country or for new products and services, give you instant reach into new territories and enable business diversity by scaling up your sales of your product portfolio.

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